Witch Face Painting Ideas – Good, Bad and Voodoo Witch

face painting ideas

attractive face painting ideas

Face painting is a favorite activity during Halloween. Face painting has several advantages over to wearing a mask. First of all, face painting is safer than mask as the makeup is usually water based and can be easily washed off whereas a mask might block the person view or breathing. Beside you can easily customize the design and style of face painting compared to a mask.

A popular face painting idea for Halloween is the witch face painting. There are several ideas here for witch face paintings which you can apply to yourself or your kids. Before doing that, just make sure the makeup you use for your face has a thin layer of petroleum jelly which will make the wash off later easier. The following witch face painting ideas can be applied to both adults and kids.

Evil Witch

To transform you or your kids into a bad witch, use green color. The face should have a base makeup of light green color. Use iridescent paint for better match to the costume. Some examples of bad witch face painting ideas are a spider crawling on a thread of silk from one of the eyes. For a more evil touch, add a spider web starting at the nose and spread to the jaw line.

For realistic look, draw a less flowing and more angular curl from the other eye with dark green paint. Other ideas are to make a little black wart on the chin. Paint the lips with black or dark green color for a more dramatic effect.

evil witch face painting

Evil Witch

Voodoo Witch

For voodoo witch, a base makeup is optional. But you may add a brown color foundation if the skin is too pale. Some ideas are to use red lipstick on the lips for an attractive look. Draw some black triangles right under the cheekbones. Besides you could add little red dots under the eyes to make the face painting design more dramatic. Add some gold dots above the eyes if you like.

Pay particular attention to the eyes as they are the most important area for a voodoo witch. Use fake eyelids for the eyes if you have some. Paint the eyelids with dark color such as purple or black.

For the part of the face, draw several straight vertical strips down to the chin with green and blue paint. To complete the costume, don’t forget to wrap a colorful scarf around the head.

voodoo witch face painting

Voodoo Witch

Good Witch

To paint your child face to look like a good witch, you could use pink or other light color. For more realistic look, it’s recommended to use sparkly or iridescent paint. Always use sponges instead of paintbrushes to paint the face as it creates a smoother and more even foundation for the rest of the makeup.

To make the design more attractive, add white or silver stars to the eyes. Put a starburst on the forehead and draw dark pink curl from the corner of the eye to the temple. For girls, use sparkly pink gloss on lips. The hair should be curled and tied with ribbons. To complete the costume, don’t forget to add a wand.

good witch face painting

Good Witch

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