The Do and Don’t of Face Painting

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Having novelty booths at parties and events can really help to ensure that everyone, including kids, is having a good time. In order to save some money, the party planner or a friend can get some paint and do some easy face painting designs on the kids. It is not a difficult task, but there are a few things that should be known before trying it.

For one, it helps to simply have the right materials. The painter should always make sure that the paints used are safe for skin — not just any old paint will do! Also, he or she should not just be limited to brushes. Sponges and cotton swabs are great for getting different textures and designs, even if the painter is not all that talented.

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Funny face painting for family.

A good idea is to have some stencils available to make the process a bit quicker and easier. This way, lines will be shorter and more kids will be happy. Choose stencils that are kid-friendly, like animals, superheroes, and fairies. However, to keep things simple, do not choose any design that is too intricate, as it will probably take too long to execute.

Additionally, always make sure to keep the brushes clean. Have soap and water nearby to rinse off the brushes between painting each child’s face. This provides sanitary benefits in case any child has a rash or something of the like. Additionally, it will prevent paint colors from mixing and, therefore, they will go a long way.

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Easy face painting for couple.

Having good paints and brushes, a few stencils, and soap and water will really make for an easy face painting booth. It is a great way to keep children entertained at a party or event where adults will be having their own fun. Additionally, it is simply fun for the painter to have a place to get creative and put a smile on kids’ faces.

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