Simple and Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids

kids face paintings

simple kids face painting

Kids love their faces to be painted especially at a birthday party, a family reunion or any other occasions where there will be lots of other kids around. Face painting is a great idea to keep them entertained or occupied as they love to be someone or pretend that they are someone.

Besides, face painting for your kids is better than having them to wear a mask as face painting is more customizable. You can draw with any color or any shapes you want on your kids.

If you would like to get your kids face painted or your children just love to have face painting, the following paragraphs will show you some tips for face painting for your kids.

easy face painting for kids

Kids Face Painting Ideas

Keep the Drawings Simple

When you are drawing paintings on the face of your children, remember to keep them simple. Some ideas to try are a peace symbol, a butterfly, a bee, a spider, a storm cloud or a heart. Anyone can draw these simple paintings. You could start with these symbols and go into the complicated one.

But remember don’t overdo the painting as it’s easier to mess up when you are drawing complication designs. Besides, kids are not as patient as you think and they would not sit still to let you paint for an hour on their faces.

As a result, it’s recommended to keep the painting simple. Drawing easy symbols allows you to do a good job and impress your children.

Look for Examples and Ideas

If you have run out of ideas of what to draw or if you are first time doing face painting and don’t know how to start, there are many children face painting sets which you could refer to.

These face painting sets are extremely invaluable and helpful especially for first timers. They usually contain step by step face painting guides illustrated with attractive pictures.

What you can do is just follow the instruction laid out in the sets. Other than instruction, these sets do come with the tools you need to draw the painting. Tools such as sponge, color pencils as well as some basic makeup are what you can find in these set. You will be amazed at how good you can draw when following the steps.

Let Your Kids Choose What They Want

Let your kids choose what they want when you are trying to entertain them with face painting. Face painting is particularly a good idea for a bunch of kids at a party. Show them the list of drawings that you are sure you can duplicate.

Some simple face painting ideas that you can try on a crowd of kids are a skull, a cat, a kitty face, a puppy, a heart, witch or a clown. The rule of thumb is to keep the choices limited to several iconic symbols that everyone is familiar with.

Precautions and Safety

Use water based makeup when drawing a painting on the face of your kids. The reason is that the makeup can be easily washed off later and is usually non toxic. Remember to use safe and non toxic materials for face painting.

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