Simple Clown Face Painting Designs That You Can Do In 10 Minutes

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Kids love novelty and getting to do things that are out of the ordinary for them. Setting up a clown face painting booth at a party or event is a great way to make sure that kids are having fun and embracing creativity. It is not necessary to shell out a lot of money on a talented artist who can work quickly. There are, in fact, plenty of designs which are easy enough to do yourself in just a few minutes.

clown face painting design 01

Clown face painting for kids.

For a quick and easy girl’s paint design, make sure to use lighter and more feminine colors. Try panting the entirety of her face white, then going over the eyes in light blues, pinks, and purples. Accent the corner of the eyes with some white stars in the colored paint. Then, give her exaggerated red lips which will mimic the over-the-top smile of a clown and finish it off by adding some silly-shaped black eyebrows.

clown face painting design 02

Adult clown face painting design

Baby designs are fairly quick and easy as well. Again, it is trademark to start with a white face and make sure to draw on a red, round nose. Use a little less around the lips for younger children, as too much will probably get messy when they eat. Then, do some thin, black swirls around the eyes and add on some funky, half-circle black eyebrows. This simple design is still very humorous, and youngsters will love it.

clown face painting design 03

Clown face painting for little girl.

Adults might be more prone to choose a creepy design, since traditional ones might be a bit too silly. For a quick and easy one, try mimicking a dartboard by drawing red circles inside white circles over the entirety of the face. Accent the center of the face and maybe even the eyes with a big, black circle and some exaggerated eyebrows. It is easy to have fun with this simple but creepy design.

It is not difficult to do clown face painting on your own without hiring someone. It is simply all about knowing the trademark shapes and colors and being able to use them to suit the person being painted. Whether the design is for a boy, a girl, or an adult, there is something for everyone that is able to have him or her in and out in ten minutes.

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