Scarecrow Face Painting Ideas And Other Fall Designs

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Fall is the season for festivals and school fundraisers and face painting booths can usually be found at these events. After stuffing themselves with food, children get their faces painted and then enjoy playing games, riding amusement rides, and making crafts. Scarecrow face painting ideas will be put to good use during this season but they are only one of many fall-themed designs requested by children.

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Scarecrow face painting design.

Popular kids face paint designs with a fall theme include animal faces like tigers, dogs, and cats. Animal face paint ideas for the youngest children feature mice, bunnies, and elephants. Insects are also popular so there are bound to be some snakes, ladybugs, and even a few worms. Superheroes know no season so at least a few children will request their favorite hero to be painted on their face. With Halloween just around the corner, kids will also ask for pumpkins, witches, vampires, and skeletons.

animal face painting

Animal face painting is popular among kids.

Scarecrow face painting ideas are just one of the face paint designs that involves fall-related images. Leaves in yellow, red, and orange can be painted cascading down the face and a few acorns can be thrown in for good measure. Face paint designs involving Indian feathers, pilgrim hats, and tall ships remind us of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. When purchasing face paints for use during fall, it is important to buy plenty of primary colors because these will be used more than pastels.

tiger face painting

Tiger face painting is an all time favorite.

Food serves as inspiration for fall face paintings, with apples, corn, and candy corn being very popular. Some of these can be combined with scarecrow face painting ideas like painting a cheek art scene of a scarecrow in a corn field or holding an apple. Scarecrows can also be painted sitting on a bale of hay or near a black cat or squirrel.

halloween face painting

Spooky halloween face painting design.

Little girls may request fall flowers, making black-eyed Susans and chrysanthemums easy designs to create, while boys may ask for footballs. There are also plenty of clown face painting ideas that are popular all year. Kids enjoy the laughing face of a clown and look adorable when their entire face is painted in this image.

Keeping with the season through scarecrow face painting ideas and other fall themes is the perfect decision when the leaves began turning colors. There are many popular designs for this time of year and every child will have a favorite. Let children exercise their creativity by putting a new twist on a fall design because the result should be impressive.

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