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People can find plenty of free face painting ideas online and in books but not all of these face paint designs will get smiles from children. Spending an hour decorating a child’s face only for the little one to burst into tears after one look in the mirror can be very frustrating. Here are some of the most popular kids face painting ideas. Using one of these designs on any child is bound to result in some giggles and at least one hug.

Popular face paint designs differ by gender so face painters should be prepared to master quite a few. Fairies, butterflies, and princesses are the three most popular face paintings for girls. Little girls also love bunny rabbits, cats, dogs, and ladybugs. Older girls usually ask for flowers, rainbows, or anything that falls into the genre of fantasy. When selecting face paint, purchase pastels as well as bold colors and get some glitter paint.

pirate face painting

Easy and simple pirate face painting for kids.

The most in-demand kids face painting ideas for boys are a spider’s web, skull, and pirate. Tigers, robots, and bats are also popular, with the last most requested around Halloween. Like girls, little boys like dogs, but they also appreciate clowns. Different clown face painting ideas are easy to implement simply by changing the mouth expression. Older boys frequently request that an alien or a tribal design be painted on their face.

These may be the most popular kids face paint choices but there are many others specific to the times. Painters should research the hottest characters in movies and television. Right now, Rango and Rio are very popular, so learning how to paint these will result in a long line of customers. Some children prefer to stick to the classics so make sure that Daffy Duck and Batman are in the arsenal.

clown face painting

Clown face painting for kids.

For other kids face painting ideas, ask children for their favorite choices. They will not hesitate to give them, along with a detailed explanation of how to face paint the design onto their own faces. Some kids will go so far as to get a paper and crayons and draw the design themselves to ensure that you get the idea.

Though these designs are generally classified as kids face painting ideas, they are also popular with the older crowd. Adults enjoy feeling young at heart when attending a Renaissance fair or amusement festival, especially when they are with their children. Crowds at summer music festivals are also great customers, so vendors should keep their face paints handy to take advantage of this additional business.

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