Matching the Right Costume for Clown Face Painting

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Dressing up like a clown for a party or an event is one of the quickest setups to put together, but it does require a bit of an eye for aesthetics. Picking the right costume for your clown face painting is essential to the overall look. No one wants a happy clown in an outfit that is a bit too creepy or vice versa, so think about the options before you leave the house.

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Halloween clown face painting and costume.

Happy clowns are probably among the most common, bringing fun to the party with their exaggerated smiles and excessive eyebrows. For this type of costume, oversized shoes are an absolute must-have. It is also fairly essential to have some sort of trick prop, like a water-squirting flower or a hand-buzzer. Suspenders are never a bad idea for a silly costume, either.

happy clown face 01

A happy clown.

On nights like Halloween, there is likely to be a few creepy clowns running around. Needless to say, for this type of costume, you will definitely want to aim for darker colors like black, dark green, and dark purple. A top hat always helps to make these outfits seem more legitimate, and it will not hurt to have a wig that is over-the-top crazy in bright red or bright green with patches sticking out on both sides.

clown face painting for kids

Kids clown face painting

For baby costumes, you might just want to keep it simple as not to make them uncomfortable. Birthday-like cone hats with pompoms and bright colors will make the child look funny and adorable. A striped onesie or jumpsuit will give off the essence of being a clown without being too over-the-top for a kid.

In order to give off the proper effect with a costume, it is essential that the type of clown face painting match up with the rest of the decorative garb. In any situation, props are never a bad idea — it is all a matter of making sure that they are funny or scary enough to suit the rest of the outfit. In some situations, like for toddler costumes, comfort is key.

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Photo Credit: Tim Pierce

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