Summer Face Painting Ideas For Children

face painting ideas for children

children face painting ideas

Warmer days are right around the corner and soon it will be time for barbecues, pool parties, baseball games, and festivals. At these events, children love to get face paintings and wear them all day for everyone to see. Even adults sometimes get in on the fun, adding a splash of color to their cheeks. Here are some popular summer face painting ideas for children and those who want to relive their youth.

frog face painting for boys

Frog face painting for boys.

Nature serves as a source of inspiration for summer because it has a lot to offer during warm weather months. Between the flowers, insects, and animals, there are plenty of face painting ideas for children. Ladybugs, daisies, and butterflies are popular face paintings for girls, while boys like frogs, bugs, and snakes. Rainbows and sunshine can be used to create colorful face paint designs on the cheek of any child.

butterfly face painting for children

Easy and simple butterfly face painting for kids.

Summer sports like soccer, tennis, and baseball are popular and kids face paint can be used to create a full face or cheek design. A sports theme can be carried throughout the face, with a different sport on each cheek, the forehead, and the chin. These easy face paint ideas are wildly popular at their respective sporting events and kids flock to painting booths to get them. Adults love sports themes as much as the kids so they will be knocking the little ones down to get ahead in the line.

snake face painting for girls

Snake and butterfly face painting for girls.

Eating is a popular pastime during summer and evokes some face painting ideas for children. A slice of watermelon or pineapple looks yummy and cheeks designed with hamburgers and hot dogs will get the stomach rumbling. A picnic scene that features a picnic basket, blanket, and a few ants looks great on the cheek of any boy or girl.

Independence Day, Flag Day, and Memorial Day each have a patriotic theme and conjure images of kids face paint designs that feature a flag or red, white, and blue stars. Fireworks or the letters “USA” are eye-catching face paint ideas for Independence Day. The Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell have even been seen to grace a few cheeks during summer fairs.

For additional summer-themed free face painting ideas for children, look online or ask kids for their input. They will likely add beach-themed designs like flip flops, seashells, sailboats, sunglasses, and surfboards to the idea list. Tropical designs like palm trees or an island oasis are other popular images associated with warm weather.

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