Easy Face Painting Designs for Girls

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It does not take an expert to know that boys and girls are going to have very different preferences. This is a realization, though, that will surely occur to anyone who is lucky enough to paint faces at a party or event. Whether the artist chooses to use stencils or just freehand, there are plenty of easy face painting designs for girls from which to choose.

rainbow face painting

Easy rainbow face painting for girls.

Artists can never go wrong in looking to the sky for inspiration. Draw a sun-shiny scene on her face that depicts a blue sky, a golden sun, and a big, colorful rainbow coming from a cloud. None of these designs requires any particular talent to draw, but are colorful enough that she will be pleased with the aesthetics of her new artwork.

flower face painting

Flower face painting

Flowers are also a great go-to because they are simple, elegant, and can be done in any color a person wants. This is an easy way to incorporate the little girl’s favorite colors into her design. It is also simple enough for an artist of any skill level to draw flowers. Have them as an accent around her temple or simply draw one big daisy on her cheek — either way, she will feel like a princess.

cute face painting for girls 01

Cute face painting ideas

Little girls are sweet, and so their designs should be too. Try cute and easy food designs to paint onto her cheek such as a frosted cupcake with a cherry on top or a nice, pink strawberry. She will feel like she stepped right out of a cartoon by having such a cute, colorful design incorporated into her look. Additionally, most of these require only simple shapes and a few colors so anyone can do it!

cute face painting for girls 02

Cute face painting for little girls

Needless to say, there are enough easy face painting designs that a professional face painter does not necessarily need to be hired. It is easy to get many children painted in a short period of time by choosing the right designs. If done correctly, these should be simple in shapes but incorporate lots of color — vibrance is the one theme that all little girls seem to love.

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