Easy Face Painting Designs for Adults

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Although it is likely that if you book a face painter, kids will have tons of fun at your event, it is also true that adults can get in on the fun. Make sure that the painter has easy face painting designs on hand that will appeal to fun-loving adults as well. This will really get the party started and give kids and adults something to have fun with during the party.

butterfly face painting 01

Beautiful butterfly painting for adults.

Females young and old can appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a butterfly. Not to mention, this is one of the easiest designs to paint! Simply use the center of the face as the body, drawing a line from the forehead down to the chin. Then, using any colors and designs imaginable, create two large wings, one on either side of the face. This is great for mothers and daughters.

butterfly face painting 02

Another butterfly painting.

Guys and gals alike can appreciate some good retro vibes. Keep on hand some 60s designs to look at, such as smiley faces, peace signs, and flowers to give adults a blast from the past. Anyone will love feeling like a hippie for the day, and using 60s designs, it is easy to take either a masculine or a feminine approach.

flame face painting

Flame face painting for men!

For the manly man, it is a good idea for the painter to brush up on his or her flame-drawing skills. In essence, it is not that difficult as long as there is plenty of red, orange, and black paint available. Do some flames coming up from his eyebrows or have a few on each cheek to transform any man at the party into a total tough guy.

hippie face painting

Hippie face painting design.

There are plenty of easy face painting designs that a painter can work with, and this is not just limited to the faces of children. Adults can get in on the fun as long as they can embrace their inner child and rock the art for a few hours. With designs like butterflies, peace signs, and flames, there is surely something that an adult will be willing to sport for the length of a party.

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