The Many Clown Face Painting Ideas

clown face painting ideas

face painting ideas clown

Clowns are one of the most popular face paint designs. There are hundreds of clown face painting ideas for children and adults. Simply by using different color face paints or altering the expression of the eyes or mouth, a clown can take on an entirely new appearance. Painters experiment with these aspects to come up with unique creations that resemble professional artwork.

simple clown face painting

Clown face painting is one of the easiest to do for children.

Clowns are one of the first painted characters we see as children. When people learn how to face paint, the clown is often the first image they create. Simple face paint designs with a clown theme include a big nose painted red, a white face, black around the eyes, and a large red mouth in one of many possible expressions. Those who love the theater may request a single tear on the cheek, paying homage to the tragedy mask.

clown face painting for kids

One of the favorite face painting for kids is clown face painting.

More complex clown face painting ideas feature evil, scary, or creepy faces that are popular during Halloween. Some of these face paint ideas are downright scary so adults with faces painted in these designs should be careful around children. The most frightening painted clown face is bound to traumatize any child and result in a few sleepless nights.

clown face painting for adults

A non-conventional clown face painting for adults.

Jesters, Pierrot, and female or male clown face painting ideas are also popular with adults. Children often do not recognize some of these as clowns. They prefer the classic carnival or circus clown in funny or happy face paint designs. Girls may request clowns that resemble Raggedy Ann, while little boys might like to look like Raggedy Andy. Some kids love face paints so much they incorporate the clown faces into their Halloween costumes. Buying some kids face paint and making a clown outfit is an inexpensive way to trick or treat.

Even musical groups have embraced the trend of face paintings that involve clown images. The Insane Clown Posse regularly wears clown images on their faces and members of KISS sport painted designs that resemble clown faces. A clown character was featured in the Steven King book, It, and most of us recognize the Joker from the Batman comic books and television series.

Any color looks great when painted on a white background and light colors look excellent on a black background. Use these tips to look like the stars or create your own clown face painting ideas. There are many ways to use a clown theme when painting the face. Create some unique designs and you are bound to receive some compliments.

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