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Easy Face Painting Designs for Girls

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

It does not take an expert to know that boys and girls are going to have very different preferences. This is a realization, though, that will surely occur to anyone who is lucky enough to paint faces at a party or event. Whether the artist chooses to use stencils or just freehand, there are plenty […]

Using the Right Face Painting Makeup for Kids

Friday, March 9th, 2012

Whether you are painting a cat or a superhero, a butterfly or a fish, doing kids face painting can be fun. However, the painter is responsible for using the right makeup and tools. While it is not likely that a painter wants to break the bank on the most expensive materials, he or she can […]

The Do and Don’t of Face Painting

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Having novelty booths at parties and events can really help to ensure that everyone, including kids, is having a good time. In order to save some money, the party planner or a friend can get some paint and do some easy face painting designs on the kids. It is not a difficult task, but there […]

Summer Face Painting Ideas For Children

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Warmer days are right around the corner and soon it will be time for barbecues, pool parties, baseball games, and festivals. At these events, children love to get face paintings and wear them all day for everyone to see. Even adults sometimes get in on the fun, adding a splash of color to their cheeks. […]

Most Popular Kids Face Painting Ideas

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

People can find plenty of free face painting ideas online and in books but not all of these face paint designs will get smiles from children. Spending an hour decorating a child’s face only for the little one to burst into tears after one look in the mirror can be very frustrating. Here are some […]

Simple and Easy Face Painting Ideas for Kids

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Kids love their faces to be painted especially at a birthday party, a family reunion or any other occasions where there will be lots of other kids around. Face painting is a great idea to keep them entertained or occupied as they love to be someone or pretend that they are someone. Besides, face painting […]